DNP Capstone

Coaching, Editing, & Data Analysis Support

Principal Consultant

Dr. Molina is a graduate of Cornell University and earned the MPH and ScD degrees at Harvard University School of Public Health. She has served as an adjunct professor at Tufts Medical School, St. Augustine University for Health Sciences, and is the former Director of the Department of Integrative Health, School of Nursing & Health Sciences, Northern NM College. Si​nce 2008, Dr. Molina has provided developmental editing, project design, data analysis, and coaching assistance to DNP candidates as they navigate the practice/quality improvement project process. Rates start at $75/hr and can vary according to turn around time and project length.       

Other Resources 

Some dissertation writers benefit from support to manage stress and address issues that can interfere with the writing process. Dr. Jessica Garrett Mills Ph.D. , Principal consultant of "On Track Academic Coaching" is an Educational Psychologist who specializes in coaching dissertation writers who may be experiencing emotional challenges while attempting to complete their work.  For more information visit 

  • Sessions take place through phone conferencing in a group or private format
  • Group sessions meet every other week for 60 minutes (Subject to minimal attendance) 
  • Private counseling sessions can be arranged to meet personal requirements 
  • Group and personal counseling sessions range from $40-$90 per session


After your Capstone Project is completed and edited for content, you might want to consider having your document proofread for spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation problems, capitalization errors, and awkward grammar.  Changes are made directly on the word document.  Proofreading rates range between $6-$9 per 250 words (one double-spaced page).  Charges vary depending on the editor, turn around time, and other needs.  Contact the proofreader directly to discuss contract terms.    

Courtney M. earned a BA at Mt. Holyoke College and an MFA at The University of Notre Dame and is a

professor of both Creative and Expository writing.She works on many topic areas including health sciences.

Email:[email protected]

Cassandra A. holds a BA from Hampshire College and an MA in Archival History from Simmons College.  Cassandra has been an editor and fact-finder for Brown University, Harvard University, and several non-profit organizations.

Email: [email protected] 

Joanne A. earned a BA in English from the University of Iowa, the leading national writing program.  Joanne is a certified technical writer & editor, is the principal of Compass Rose Horizons, and has 20 years of experience editing and publishing.